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Triplett Plug - Bug GFCI Receptacle Tester


This is a must have tool for all electricians, handymen or women and DIY homeowners that are troubleshooting, wiring or replacing receptacles and GFCI receptacles. For use on 110~125VAC receptacles. Detects common wiring problems in standard and GFCI outlets. To test, simply plug into receptacle and observe the Zlight pattern. Push the yellow button to test operation of ground fault receptacle.

Triplett Plug-Bug Instructions - For use on 110 to 125 VAC receptacles only.

1. Test the Plug-Bug 2 on a known good receptacle before using on other receptacles.

2. Insert Plug-Bug 2 into receptacle to be tested and observe lights. Refer to Chart below or on tester for results.

3. If testing a GFCI protected receptacle, insert Plug-Bug 2 into receptacle and observe lights. AC power must be present in order to test a GFCI. The receptacle must be wired correctly before proceeding (see Chart). If no lights come on, AC power is not present or the receptacle is improperly wired. If lights indicate proper wiring, press the Plug-Bug 2’s TEST button. If the GFCI is working, the Plug-Bug 2’s indicator lights will turn off. The TEST LED may flash briefly. If the indicator lights do not turn off, and the TEST LED remains lit, the GFCI is not working, or the circuit being tested is not GFCI protected. (Do not press the TEST button for more than 6 seconds). To re-apply power to the GFCI protected circuit, press the RESET button located on the receptacle or the GFCI circuit breaker.

Indicator Fault Reason For Wiring Fault
Open Ground Ground contact not connected
Open Neutral Neutral contact not connected
Open Hot Hot contact not connected
Hot / Ground / Reverse Hot and Ground contacts interchanged
Hot / Neutral / Reverse Hot and Neutral contacts interchanged
Correct Receptacle is wired correctly
  • This tester will not accurately indicate a combination of wiring problems.
  • This tester does not determine if the neutral and ground conductors are reversed.
  • This tester will not test GFCI’s installed on 2 wire (non-grounded) electrical circuits.
  • All corrective action must be made by a qualified electrician.

Cautions / Warnings

  • 120 VAC is dangerous and may cause user injury or death. Use all appropriate caution.
  • Use only on 110 to 125 VAC receptacles.
  • Test the Plug-Bug 2 on a known good receptacle before using on other receptacles.
  • The GFCI receptacle or GFCI branch circuit protector must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Do not press the TEST button on the Plug-Bug 2 for more than 6 seconds.
  • To help avoid erroneous readings, all appliances and equipment must be unplugged / disconnected from the circuit to be tested.
  • This tester does not perform a comprehensive test. Its only checks for probable common improper wiring conditions.
  • This tester does not indicate the quality of a ground connection.
  • This tester may not indicate the presence of a hot wire. That is, it is possible for a hot wire to be present when none of the indicators light.

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